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New Year, New Face, New Place


Welcome to our new home!

Yes I have decided to rebrand. There are a million reasons why I should and shouldn’t but I feel you sometime just have to go with your gut instincts and jump in with your eyes closed. When is the right time to rebrand you ask? I’m not sure there is a right or wrong time. But to me the new year was the right time. 

First the name change

When I first opened shop back in early 2012 I was still so new to this industry and wanted in so bad that I don’t think I put enough time thinking my name through. It was cute and what I thought was witty (I guess!) at the time. However, as I’ve moved on and gotten to know myself better and grew in terms of style and as a business owner I knew that it wasn’t me. It didn’t have the fun, whimsical sound to it. It did not represent what I had in mind as a business brand. It’s also really hard here in Quebec because the business must have French in it. But I don’t want to seclude my business to Quebec only (fête). The rest of Canada is in fact English. I also wanted the name to show the design side (gorgeous) of it and that although my main business is servicing brides and grooms I also can service any other kind of event (fête). A Gorgeous Fête! There you have it!

New Logo

Well it goes without saying that if you change the name you change the look of everything and that includes the logo. I worked closely with Joy Deneen  from Imaginejoy to get the unique calligraphed logo. I wanted something that was my own that no one else would have. There something that goes unsaid about the fresh, romantic look of hand lettering. She hit the nail on the coffin with this one! Make sure to stop her site to see her work first hand. 

New Site

Well you get the idea. One of my favourite sayings is go big or go home. If you are going to do something you’ve gotta do it all the way. Somethings never change though… I loved my background then and love it now. However, it was a one stop place for both my main website and my blog. WordPress I love you, I do. But I just didn’t love that my followers or potential clients had to go to two places to visit me. 

So there you have it! Goodbye Reserve the Date Events (you will be missed) and hello A Gorgeous Fête!


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