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advice : : engagement session part deux


Hello lovelies!
It’s been sooooo long since I last blogged but hey that must mean something right! So as promised way back when over here I’m sharing some more advice regarding e-sessions. Today I’m going into more detail and discussing your style, location and types of shoots.

1. Pick the right time of year

There really isn’t a wrong time to shoot your e-session. Spring and fall are not too hot so make for very comfortable weather. Spring has new blooms and fall had brilliant colours. Summer is one of the obvious times as it leaves so many location options. However, I must say I’m a sucker for winter shoots. Snow just seems to make every shot so bright and crisp yet so soft.

2.    Choose your site.

Depending on your style you can have multiple locations. I would suggest no more than 3 though so that your choices don’t become to difficult to make.

  •  Studio– I do know some photographers that have some pretty sweet studios and have some pretty neat props to make your shoot more intimate and perhaps more comfortable for people who don’t like too much attention
  • Rustic – woodsy areas, barns, wood design elements
  • Personal– This can be something as simple as home. A bike ride or a picnic, even the place he popped the big question
  • Nature – woods, rivers, lakes, beaches and hills. This is right up there with a fall shoot or summer shoot for those awesome colours.
  • Urban  – If you are a city person, embrace it! Old factories or breweries, bridges and cool lounges. Even a happening restaurant with a neat décor. I mean come on! Montreal isn’t missing any of the above!
  • Active– Some couples are fit and love training or doing activities together so there is nothing wrong with pictures of you out skating, hiking or even hockey. This is Canada after all!

3. What to wear

Once you have chosen your location and season you are now ready to pick your outfits. You don’t want to clash with your background or look out-of-place. E-sessions are meant to be casual and representative of you as a couple. Also you don’t want to match too much that can look tacky. If you are active it only makes sense to wear something you can ride a bike in and if you are hanging out in a café in the middle of the afternoon a gown would not be the obvious choice. Try and be natural and wear something you would feel at ease in based on the location, season and chosen activity.

A good photographer will know what the best time of the day is to shoot depending on the season. They might also take close up shots of you holding objects so make sure to get that manicure! Don’t forget that these are your memories so keep it unique and natural. Nothing too cliché that you will regret later.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!



Anyone have a cool winter wonderland e-session coming up?

M xoxo

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