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Pep Talk : : setting goals


Good morning,
I know that the month of January is almost at its end, however I don’t feel that a resolution should have a date and time for it to count. I have been working a lot lately on ways to better my business. I have spent long days and nights rebuilding my website, thinking about marketing strategies and how to build an extensive audience. I live with my iPhone by my side every waking moment and practically sleep with my MacBook. Although this is all great for my business it’s not necessarily doing wonders for my personal life. I haven’t seen any of my friends since the new year has begun. I haven’t had any family dinner time with my family or my in-laws and to be honest haven’t had much quality time with my boyfriend JBW. It has been causing some intense moments and it has come to make me realize that sometime you have to set boundaries. Of course they say that money is what makes the world go round but unless you are happy and healthy; money really won’t do much for you.

That being said I decided to start setting some monthly goals to try and maintain a healthy balance between my work and personal life. I have written out my February goals in advance since January is almost done now. I may not necessarily accomplish each but I think as long as I have them out there to see, it will be a good incentive. I also believe that if for some reason I don’t accomplish one, there is no pressure to move it to the next month providing I accomplish it at some point. I don’t want to make this your typical resolution where you go out and put all pressure on yourself to get back into the gym and lose weight. Then you end up going like every single day for a month until you completely overdo it and get fed up and quit like month 2. I am truly convinced that we need to change that whole new year’s resolution where we think that January is the main month or else we tell ourselves that we failed and we wait to start the same process all over again the following January 1st. A resolution should be something that you can set at any time as long as you feel it’s the right time for you.

Here is my list for the month of February:

February Goals 2013

Have you set any goals? I absolutely want to hear them!

Happy Monday!

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