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Advice : : wedding coordinator, planner or designer?


Don’t you just hate when you are searching the web for a service or a business and an entire list of different titles appear and you ask yourself “Really? What is the difference?” Well I can tell you that this question has come up often in my mind when I was deciding to become a wedding planner and was trying to identify which services I wanted to offer my clients. This was quite tricky to breakdown and to figure out how to price these services. Whether you are a bride looking for someone to help you with your wedding or you are looking to work in this industry, the below will surely be helpful.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is your advocate every step of the way of your wedding planning.  Your wedding planner is responsible for the planning, organization and coordination of all aspects of your wedding, from A to Z. In most cases, the full service planner is hired right after she said yes! Everything from creating a budget, researching vendors and venues to creating your timeline and assisting with any etiquette inquiries you may have. The wedding planner takes care of ensuring your big day runs smoothly and is responsible for managing all vendors involved, ensuring a solution is found for any issues that may arise and will make sure all payments are distributed on your behalf. By the time you walk down the aisle your wedding planner will have become somewhat of a close friend and will be by far be the most valued investment you will have made.

Day-of Coordinator

A Day-of Coordinator (DOC) is hired by the future bride and groom who are already well advanced in the preparation of their wedding or wish to do everything on their own, but require support for the coordination of the wedding day to ensure that everything goes as planned and smoothly. Couples usually hire the DOC anywhere from 2 months to 3 weeks before their wedding day. During the meeting the DOC is brought up to speed on what has already been planned and booked. The DOC prepares the timeline of the wedding day events and manages the activities of the key players on the wedding day: Bride, Groom, Vendors, Bridal party and family members. These are typically the same services as the wedding planner, however, much more limited and for this reason, the cost for a DOC is considerably less.

Wedding Designer

There are wedding planners such as myself who also offer design services in their full service packages. Essentially the designer is responsible the decor of your wedding which includes, tablescapes, favor ideas, floor plans, lighting, centerpieces, etc… basically the designer marries all your ideas and all the components mentioned to bring your envisioned wedding to life. It’s important to know that not all designers are planners and not all planners are designers. The designer will guide you throughout the design portion of your wedding. A wedding and design planner will provide the ultimate experience for their clients to ensure that they can worry about nothing other than saying “I do”.

For the brides that did get assistance with their wedding, which did you hire, a planner, coordinator or designer? And for the ladies getting married, are you looking for help?

Happy Wednesday lovelies xoxo

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