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Advice : : the budget


Hello Monday followers! Let’s face it, getting married today is very expensive. We all work extremely hard for our money and need to stay on budget when planning the big day. This is one of the most stressful tasks of all and you can never get too many tips or advice for it!

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1.  Prioritize

Pick 3 top items that are the most important to you such as catering, venue and dress. Also ask yourself “What would I be willing to sacrifice in order to stay on budget?” This will help you focus on the most significant priorities and where to cut in the budget to meet these priorities.

2. Down-size the list

Unless money and space aren’t factors in deciding whom to invite, it is encouraged to only invite those you sincerely want at your special occasion. At an average of the cost per person at a wedding can range anywhere from $90 in suburban cities to $120 on the island on Montreal (the cost can be much more or less but this is an average). Cutting down the list by just 10 people can bring the cost down by at least $1000. For more tips regarding cutting down the list, go here.

3. The cake

Opt for less time-consuming option such as hand-crafted sugar flowers. Going with buttercream icing can definitely cut down the cost. Also think of having a small top-tier cake for the presentation and cutting and have a different cake served to the guests.

4. Cut back on the pricier details

Sometimes you just need to cut back on the pricier options when selecting certain decorations or food costs. A few examples, if you chose lamb as one of your dishes you may want to opt for braised lamb shanks rather than a rack of lamb. A cost efficient selection for invitations could be to shop online. There is an array of invitation companies out there just ensure to start by purchasing samples before ordering the real deal. If this is not a way you want to take you can also elect a less expensive printing method such as offset printing.

5. The flowers

Choose flowers that are in season. The cost of having out of season flower imported from another location such as another country. For example, tulips are beautiful, but they are winter/early spring flowers. If you are able to find them during their off-season, the price could be as much as 5 times the cost during their in-season.

For the ladies already married out there, what were your tricks to sticking to your budget?

Happy Monday!


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