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Hello again!
I know… I know… I’ve been M.I.A for a while. As you can see by my countdown calendar on your right, my main squeeze and I were away on a wonderful trip to Spain (more to come on that). It may seem as though I’ve been slacking off but in all honesty I’ve been swamped playing catchup! I’ve been battling the beast (my inbox), meeting and contacting vendors and meeting clients (whether new or existing). I’m busy, busy, busy. However, ask me if I would trade what I do. The answer to that is without a doubt: NO! I meet some pretty awesome people throughout this journey. Regardless if they are vendors, potential clients, people wanting to join the team or the person behind the counter at the coffee shop, it’s always a pleasure. It’s dealing with people that are wanting to express and share their love for one another with their family and friends. How can that be crappy?!?!

I didn’t sit as a little girl and dream about my perfect day or wanting to be a wedding planner like Jennifer Lopez’s role in the Wedding Planner. But after helping my best friend plan and design her wedding and watching the stress level go down when I was around because she could just trust that things would get done, that was the moment. That was the moment I thought “this is what I want to do. I want people to sit back a year, 5 year, 20 years later and say “that was the most incredible day of our lives. Thank goodness that Maxine was there to take care of it all.”

That being said… I spent my Sunday driving 2 hours to the Eastern Townships… Hanging out on a farm in the pouring rain…

The absolute gratification I feel when I see the look on the bride to be’s face when she walks into the perfect venue… PRICELESS!

Happy weekend!

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