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Let the 2013 games begin!


Let the 2013 games begin!
I just signed a new couple for the 2013 wedding season and couldn’t be happier!

Congratulations to Amy and Sathy!

This couple is really awesome and has great compatibility with each other and with me of course (wink wink). Let me tell you how my first meeting went down so that you can judge for yourself.

Our first consultation meeting was initiated by the bride-to-be by contacting me through my website. We scheduled to meet in a local coffee shop at the end of a working day due to them being very busy people, which this is the main reason why they hired me. I mean come on, let’s face it people, this generation is so overworked and has so little time as is for family, gym, friends, etc… How the heck can you fit planning an entire wedding! Ok sorry, I digress. So about 10 minutes before the meeting I receive a call from the groom-to-be stating that Amy can’t make it as she is tied up at work (as I was saying) and wondering if we should still have the meeting or reschedule. Obviously in my mind I’m thinking there is no way this guy is going to want to sit with a wedding planner to discuss visions and budgets. Just to be polite I tell him “As you wish, I don’t want to impose anything and can reschedule”. Well lo and behold doesn’t he say “no problem” and comes prepared to boot! Now I was the one a little unstable as I had never had to sit alone with the groom-to-be before!

He had his entire speech about their visions and budget down and was able to answer any question I threw at him. Even when I asked him what they would be willing to sacrifice to stay on budget he firmly and confidently said “flowers”. He was totally prepared and knew exactly what their expectations were for a wedding planner. When Amy finally came in, I kind of gave her a pat on the shoulder as if to say “Good job” and she responds “I didn’t have to do anything, he’s totally involved… he’s great.” (I might have held back a few tears)

Do you now see what I mean?!?!

Lesson learned: Never judge a book by its cover and ladies maybe your man is actually interested but you just aren’t giving him a chance (wink).

Max xoxo

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