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Success : : luck or hard work?


I watched an episode of the Apprentice where the task was to create a slogan for the new Trump perfume named Success. The losing team came up with the slogan “Success, You Earned It”. This slogan turned out to be the cause of the loss as the executive stated it was too pompous. Really??? I mean don’t you have to work hard to become the success behind your accomplishments?

I read the Mark Cuban book “How to Win” and in there he mentions how people are always telling him he’s lucky because he made it. However, where were these people when he was up until all hours of the night reading books no one would read and with only a few dollars in his pocket? Exactly… you guessed it, nowhere. Because there is nothing lucky about staying up all night working your butt off to become the professional you dream of being. While I stay up late working on my website, branding, marketing and trying to get my own business up and running, others are out having a great time.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Oprah (the list goes on and on) didn’t become rich overnight. They stayed up late brainstorming, programming, drinking lots of coffee and sometimes just passing out in whatever they were wearing that day (or in my case still wearing the day’s makeup and dirt on my face!).

Luck may play a factor in success but hard work and determination is what really pays off.

Now hopefully, after all is said and done, my hard work and determination to become a successful event planner prevails! To everyone out there trying to do their thing, no matter what it may be, work hard and follow your dreams.

Happy successful day!

Max xoxo

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