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Challenge : : take it outside


Hello! I’m finally back from an almost 2 week hiatus. I was on a so-called vacation and during this time I spent most of it helping my big brother move into his new bachelor pad (see countdown on sidebar). Although I physically worked hard at helping him out I did find time to enjoy the superb festivities this city has to offer. See some photos here. OK enough about me, let’s move on!
Summer is in full effect and beautiful, warm weather is filling our days with happiness. Working out can sometimes be repetitive and can get old fast. When it does we tend to get bored and slack off. We go to the gym to do our weight training and in general we do our cardio training on a treadmill or bike indoors. If you want to change it up and adds some excitement to your workout, this is the one for you. It challenges all your body parts and keeps you on your toes. Also, many factors change the entire workout and test our endurance such as; wind, varied terrains, hills, etc… Another big bonus is the vitamin D we get from being out in the sun! So let’s not waste another minute dreading the gym and let’s take it outside!

Note: If you haven’t been training in sometime, do not feel bad if you take it easy at first.

Take it to the track

Warm-up: Jog around the track at an easy pace for 5 to 10 minutes

Boot-Camp Intervals: Mark off 20 to 50 feet of a straightaway (again start short if you haven’t trained in a while). Use the yard lines on a football fields to estimate the distance. 50 feet is about 17 yards.

1. Start at one mark and sprint as fast as you can to the next. Jog backward to the start.

2. Run to the grass and do 25 to 50 crunches.

3. Repeat step one.

4. Run to the grass and do 10 to 20 pushups.

5. Return to the start and chassé (step with left foot and hop your right foot forward to catch up with it) for 20 to 50 yards. Immediately grapevine back to the start. (Standing sideways step with the left foot, cross the right one over it, step out with the left again, and step behind the it with the right foot).

6. Walk one lap (a quarter mile) around the track.

7. Run the stadium stairs, taking 2 at a time for 3 minutes, then jog back down.

8. Walk around the track for 3 minutes.

9 Repeat the entire circuit.

If you try this workout, I would absolutely love to hear what you thought about it!

Max xoxo

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