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Challenge : : get your body back – phase 1


I used to train religiously up until about a year, maybe a year and half ago. When I started taking courses, while working full-time and trying to get my business up and running I just lost the motivation. I know, I know, that is not an excuse, however it’s the truth. Well those days of being lazy are over! I realize that you must put your health above everything, because without your health there is no success, money and last but not least happiness. I’ve decided to get back into training mode. I actually started last week and I’m soooo sore! I figure if I put my personal challenge out there for everyone to see, I would be less likely to just give up. Yes, that’s right… I’m a Scorpio and my pride will totally take over!

Here is my workout plan:

Strength Training – I bought this great book a while back from Women’s Health called the Big Book of Exercises and it was probably the best $30.00 ever spent… well almost. It has over 600 different exercises and also provides numerous pre-set workouts for the beginner or the avid trainer. It even has the “Wedding Workout”!!! The one I’m currently following and will continue to do so for the next 10 weeks is the “Get your body back” workout – Phase 1 weeks 1-4 (I’m actually on week 2). If you are interested in getting into shape or simply looking for new moves to change it up, this book will leave you nothing less of absolutely satisfied.

Cardio Training – Ok here we go! I just bought a brand new pair of pumped up kicks (pictured above) and the miCoach PACER to go with them. I used to run but never consistently enough and wanted to become a stronger runner so hey, why not? This awesome gadget only cost me $65 CDN and it monitors your heart rate, counts your calories, records your workouts, provides new personal records and even has a calendar you can use to track your workout schedule. Oh and did I mention is speaks to you? They have a variety of runs to choose from or you can build your own. I will do my first assessment run today to determine my level and go from there. I will let you know if this was actually worth the money once I’ve ran a few times.

So here you have it, my new challenge and I will continue to post updates on my progress. Do you have any personal goals or challenges you would like to share? I would love to hear them.

Have a great one!

Max xoxo

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